How does the new Banana Boat® Dry Balance Sunscreen work?

We love summer. We love outdoors. We love sunbathing. But we hate the lobster red skin which is extremely difficult to pull off. Whenever the warmth of sunlight rolls around, it’s easy to forget the essentials – applying sunscreen.

We have heard about the importance of applying sunscreen. We know sunscreen not only protects us from damaging UV radiation, it also reduces the risk of skin cancer and sunburns. Yet again, many of us choose not to apply sunscreen because it makes us feel sticky and greasy.

Did you know that the new Banana Boat® Dry Balance Sunscreen has addressed these issues? And, it helps to keep your skin feeling dry and fresh.

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Hike the Elephant Mountain

We just have to agree with the ultimately convenient and great reputation for public transportation in Taiwan. From buses, bicycle shares, high speed rails to Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), getting around Taiwan is extremely accessible, safe, and reliable. With so many convincing ways to sightsee the city, it should not be any excuse not to explore one of the spectacular mountains in Taipei.

Literally known as the Elephant Mountain, Xiangshan derives its name from its external shape (xiang means elephant in Chinese). This wonderful hiking trail allows you to admire the greenery, nature, and wild creatures. But what gives Xiangshan a unique sense of adventure is its breathtaking views overlooking Taipei city?

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Leatherman Wave Plus Review

For many of us, the tool box in our house or car is full of many different tools, big and small, and some that we hardly use. Even if we own a multi-tool, we are not used to making it an everyday tool of ours. Even though we are aware that a multi-tool is fitted with many common tools and features that could conveniently fix most of our daily maintenance and repair needs, it is just not the go-to tool when we most need it.

Living the Everest Dream a Step at a Time

Mt Everest - The famous mountain which many have conquered and where even more have lost their lives. Watching the movie Everest in 2016 reignited my curiosity about the mountain, which first began when I was a 7 year old, in awe of a neighbour of mine who made an attempt at the summit.


Cascadia is a bioregion territory of about half a million square miles crossing a handful of states of Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, including some parts of Idaho, Montana and Alaska. The region is an expansive landscape of mountain ranges, snaky rivers, sagebrush desert, and boasts a thriving annual GDP of a trillion dollars, in the league of Indonesia, Mexico and Netherlands.

Going in a Spin @ Bukit Gasing

The game of gasing or spinning a top is a very traditional game popular in South-East Asia, and more so among the kampung folks of yesteryear. The game is mainly played by kids yet adults indulge in this favourite challenge to pit their skills against each other. The focus is to have one’s top spinning longest. In looking at the tops spinning at incredible speed, some have claimed to feel the dizzy spells associated with staring at it.


In the next six to 10 months, Hiking Malaysia will bring to you a series of articles about our physical conditioning, our physical challenges including injuries and solutions to address them, and an integrated approach of tailored methods in physiotherapy, sport rehabilitation, sport massage therapy, and strength and conditioning training.

This spread of very interesting information we obtained is through the help and support of Dynamique, a leading sport rehabilitative centre. I had a conversation with Kate Lai, a member of the management team, and an experienced Food and Science Nutritionist.

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