Shoe Review: The North Face Safien GTX

The North Face Safien GTX The North Face Safien GTX

Sometimes, it is nice to have a pair of functional hiking shoes yet trendy enough for us to wear them all day to places, be it for work or leisure. But, it is not easy to find the perfect pair. Often than not, we either find a functional pair that is best for the trail but city or a trendy pair that is not optimize enough for us to go into the trail. That does not mean this perfect pair of hiking shoes does not exist. It just requires us to make a lit extra effort to shop around and discover them.

  • Rating (1 lowest to 5 highest)
  • Overall Comfort             : 4
  • Aesthetics                     : 5
  • Support (cushioning)     : 4
  • Grip/Traction                 : 5
  • Ventilation                    : 5

The new Safien GTX is a perfect example. The North Face has recently released this “Tailored for travel from the city to the forest” hiking shoes. It is set to redefine hiking with built-in comfort.

Hiking Malaysia took the Safien GTX to test. Aesthetically, it meets our all-day all trails liking. The light and solid pair of Safien GTX does impress as we put it on the first time. It feels harder than expected on the first trial.

We took the shoes into the trails, out to the tarmac and back to the trails. Hiked up the dry and hard trails at the recent dry spell and descended the leafy terrains. The shock-absorbing XtraFoam™ midsole system worked perfectly and The North Face’s proprietary EXTS™ outsole traction system didn’t fail either. The midsole of the Safien GTX does provide a soft landing and absorb the impact for hiking as claimed.

We further tested the shoe by putting it on moving from places to places all day. The comfort is the clear winner. Another plus side of the Safien GTX is that the shoe is not hot in the inside wearing it the whole day even though it comes with the GORE-TEX® membrane waterproof upper section.

The shoe, however, does require break in. It does not take long though. You will love the shoe after 2-3 wears. You might also need to try several lacing methods as the lacing tends to loose at times.

Comfort, protection, all trails, all day, waterproof, city to the forest, forest to the city and trendy, THE NORTH FACE Safien GTX has them all.

Price: RM799.00 (Price is for reference only. Contact the retailer for quotation)

Available at The North Face


“Comfort Rules All Trails” – Find yourself a new trail

The Safien GTX utilizes a new method of upper construction, integrating waterproof GORE-TEX® socks and mudguards directly into the breathable mesh upper. The mid-sole system adds better stability by first featuring the new XtraFoam for shock absorption. The CRADLE™ heel-stability technology also minimizes the shock and delivers full superior support to heel bones, heels and ankles, alleviating the fatigue from adventures.

On top of that, this hiking shoe features the The North Face’s proprietary Exploration Traction System, or EXTS™ outsole traction system. The unique outsole compound of the three-tiered approach and two kinds of rubber provides traction on wet and dry terrain for better grip. In addition to the colored forefoot and heel for traction, the black area of the outsole is also lightweight and durable. The unique hobnail structure not only delivers optimal traction, but also keeps out trail debris and sediment for cleanness. This collection also comes in high-top Safien Mid GTX for an ergonomic fit that gives the ankles protection all day long.

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