Why Hiking?

If you are thinking of a getaway from your hectic, busy work life and looking for a way out to relax your body and mind, you may probably consider to go for a day hike. Let’s look at some of the benefits from hiking:-

Unlike any other sports which you need to invest expensive equipment, in hiking, you just need to make yourself available, tight on a pair of hiking shoes and put on the comfortable clothes. Then you can plan and start a hike at anytime and anywhere.

You can take full control of your workout. The workout is based on your fitness. You can hike either as fast or as slow as you want. If you have never been to hiking before, you should start slow and take an easy route. A shorter hike or half a day hike is the best for beginners. As your skill level improves, you can plan a longer distance and gradually work up to more difficult trails with hills or to the uneven terrain. It is because of the adaptability of individual of hiking, both beginner and seasoned hikers can benefit from and achieve their satisfying workouts.

People often say, “We work out because we want to eat more.” While we work out hard enough, we tend to eat more without feeling guilty. Hiking helps to reduce our body weights. As we hike, we burn calories.

When we hike under the sun in the morning, we get the exposure of the sunlight and this will increase the level of Vitamin D. Several medical studies have shown Vitamin D helps to reduce osteoporosis particular in women at 50 years old and above after their menopause. When we hike, we put pressure on our bones, and this helps to build our bone structures and makes them stronger. It also increases the density of the bones and to prevent the bones loss. Women have the higher risk of getting osteoporosis in their later ages.

Hiking improves the cardiovascular activity. The harder you pump for your heart, the more benefits you can get from it as it makes your heart regulating better. Hiking can reduce the total cholesterol level, blood pressure and triglyceride. These are the markers for the cardiovascular disease. When you are able to reduce all these risk factors, you reduce the cardiovascular diseases like heart disease and stroke.

Hiking can help to reduce insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition that is a precursor to develop Type 2 Diabetes. By doing the exercise, it helps to remove the blood sugars and improve the glucose tolerance in your body. Hence, hiking can help to control and prevent you from getting into Type 2 Diabetes

Several studies have published in the International Journal of Sport Medicine that regular hike can enhance the recovery for breast cancer patients. They have better survival rates. A long distance hike may produce sufficient antioxidant properties to fight off the cancer virus in their bodies. Another study has shown that the breast cancer survivors who exercise regularly while taking their medications would have the complimentary effect to prolong the survival rates in their treatments.

Hiking can increase your overall fitness. It helps to build your stamina and to tone your muscles while working it. It also improves your core strength and makes you stronger. At the same time, your legs get stronger especially when you hike up to the mountains. Your legs get to work harder to compensate for the uneven terrains. It also makes your lung capacity become bigger as you need to breathe in more fresh air for more oxygen to be delivered to your important organs. Hence, it increases your energy level.

Hiking helps to bring extra oxygen to be delivered to your muscles, organs and the body tissues. It will boost up and strengthen your lung and muscles.

Hiking goes beyond just a work out. Nowadays, our life is getting demanding and everyone is busy from their daily work and family lives. We often get irritated and angry easily when we are stressed out and anxious. With hiking, it helps to relieve our stresses, anxieties and to calm down our minds. Taking a time off to hike is one of the best choices. You can relax your mind because it helps to divert your attention out from your busy work lives. When you are out for a hike, your mind is calm and relaxed. Therefore, you will be able to think better and understand yourself better. Hiking helps you to sleep better at night too, especially after the whole day of workout. You get extremely exhausted and encounter uncomfortable muscle pains and you feel very tired, hence you are required a good rest for recovery. For those who have insomnia problems, hiking also helps you to sleep better when your mind is calm and relaxed.

When you spend time outdoor and connecting to the nature, you will feel much happier. When you are away from your business activities, you are no longer busily texting people on the phone or you are not sitting in front of your computer and television. Your mind will be peaceful and you will feel the sense of well-being.

A day of hiking to a beautiful countryside and up to the mountain for the scenic views can calm your mind and elevate your mood. By doing so, you will try to forget about your worries for a while, and indeed, you feel much more contented.

Thus, always hike with a group of people as it gives you the opportunity to make new friends and boost your socializing and communication skills. You can exchange ideas with them and make another plan for the next outing. Overall, hiking benefits your body, mind and heart. It leads you a better life and better way to feel much healthier and better-off. Let's go hiking!

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