Why Use the Stretch Strap?

Dynamique Stretch Strap Dynamique Stretch Strap

By any stretch of the imagination, we assume our bodies weaken as we start to age. While this is not all untrue, it is also true that we allow our bodies to fall into a state of inflexibility and a lack, and possibly a loss of physical strength.

Not all muscular activity needs to be linked to intense activity. A combination of activities is useful but without muscular flexibility, we may find the simple form of bending down to tie our shoelaces or getting out of bed a monumental task. How then do we improve our muscular flexibility that allows us to be more fluid in our physical motions?

The Stretch Strap

A special Stretch Strap designed for, and made available by Dynamique Sports Rehab Centre goes a long way in helping performance athletes, sport enthusiasts, including young and old improve their flexibility. The Stretch Strap is non-elastic, non-latex, and of 100% premium quality woven nylon webbing. The Stretch Strap is a sturdy 180cm in length with 10 independent stretching loops. The 18cm equally spaced out loop handles allows for comfort in exercises.

There are 12 tailored exercises designed to improve the various muscles and muscle groups through Flexibility, Pull and Stretch, and the Release of Stiffness and Tension. The 12 exercises focus in tackling recovery where injuries have been sustained, and also strengthen big and small muscles that further improve a person’s physical condition.

The strap is cleverly designed unlike latex resistance bands that have people sustaining skin scars, injuries to the eye and even sudden jerks or movements when the band jolts backward or forward, allergies due to the latex, and at times difficult to control when the elastic band is fully stretched.

Due to the Stretch Strap’s webbing material, its superior strength allows for any person to use it as it can withstand loads up to 400 kg. The strap has low water absorption and will not stretch when wet. And this means it will not rot as easily as some other types of webbing since it does not retain water. The Stretch Strap is soft to the touch and handle despite its tough and sturdy material. It carries a similar soft, smooth and shiny appearance of flat nylon, but is stronger than nylon. The strap is also lightweight and makes it the perfect piece of sport accessory for use in the office, home or anywhere you need to use it.

Why Use the Stretch Strap? 

  1. The strap is a given length with 10 loops measured 18cm between each loop handle. A user can determine the quantity of the effort by identifying the loop point at which a length of deeper stretch for a specific area is undertaken.
  2. A user can quantify measures and track progress by using the strap, providing indicators in how a specific area requires more attention, and when significant progress is being met. A user progresses by simply moving to the next loop for a deeper and more challenging stretch.
  3. The strap helps a user to maintain the correct position or form thereby reducing the risk of injury or muscle fatigue. At the same time, the body fixed in the correct position allows the user to breathe more comfortably.
  4. In using the strap for improved posture and correct position, your body will be better balanced and stable. The strap gives you something to hold on - preventing imbalance or wobbling about - for more leverage for stretches that require extending your legs out in front of you while standing.
  5. The Stretch Strap is held between the hands and this consciously relays information back to the brain about how the arms are moving through space and relating back to the core.

Users need a stretch strap that is durable yet lightweight that is easy to carry about. The Stretch Strap comes with a laminated foldable card with 12 stretches fully illustrated with anatomical diagrams for quick reference.

You can buy your Stretch Strap at RM 65.00 from Dynamique. Ring 03-7629 4822 or 03-76294821.

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