Gregory Phua

Gregory Phua

How Do You Know You’re A Good Hiker?

Heard of the movie The Good Doctor? He mysteriously knows how to attend to almost every complication of an injury with an uncanny knack in providing a solution for the patients or accident victim. But hey, this is only a movie. We don’t have doctors in this world with supernatural powers.

But let’s ask, “What makes a good hiker”? Good hiking shoes? Going with others that love walking? Many reasons make a good hiker. We briefly cover seven points in this article and welcome you sharing with the community your tips and experiences in what makes a good hiker. Have fun reading!


Emotion, mental well-being, and in the 3rd and final article of Getting Away From Hiking, we look into ‘social notworking’ in hiking. This is a terminology first being used here in Hiking Malaysia since networking largely associates with a purpose of why we engage in a network, and many a time that has to do with working outcomes eg business. The article will explore the formation of social groups, its social cohesion and how those ‘social notworks’ can serve as a lasting measure of emotional and mental stability and health.


In a series of three articles titled, Getting Away From Hiking, we will explore the emotional, mental, and social aspects of hiking. These articles are presented to you from experiences, research, and through the eyes of real hikers.

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