He is the First Malaysian to Complete 10 Triathlons in 10 Days

What hasn’t Jeff Lau done before?

When a full marathon does not interest him anymore, he runs the Marathon des Sables, running over 250km across the Sahara Desert.

When the toughest foot race on earth does not intrigue him anymore, he braces himself for the coldest, toughest, and windiest ultra foot race on earth – smashing 560km at the most extreme 6633 Arctic Ultra Marathon.

To most, an ultra marathon is a pinnacle of physical and mental resilience. To Jeff, it is not even close to tough enough. The ultra marathon runner, made history as the first Malaysian to successfully complete the Swiss Ultra Deca Triathlon.

Why Hike With Sandals?

Malaysia is rich in evergreen forests, jewel-blue streams, unique flora and fauna, and many interesting trails and fascinating undergrowths. Because of the variety of beautiful trails, hiking is also surging in popularity in Malaysia every year.

There are almost no seasonal changes in climate, however, the weather in Malaysia most of the time can also be fickle. The climate of Malaysia varies depending on which region you are in. Due to the unpredictable climates and various types of terrain conditions, hiking sandals come into play.

How does the new Banana Boat® Dry Balance Sunscreen work?

We love summer. We love outdoors. We love sunbathing. But we hate the lobster red skin which is extremely difficult to pull off. Whenever the warmth of sunlight rolls around, it’s easy to forget the essentials – applying sunscreen.

We have heard about the importance of applying sunscreen. We know sunscreen not only protects us from damaging UV radiation, it also reduces the risk of skin cancer and sunburns. Yet again, many of us choose not to apply sunscreen because it makes us feel sticky and greasy.

Did you know that the new Banana Boat® Dry Balance Sunscreen has addressed these issues? And, it helps to keep your skin feeling dry and fresh.

5 Reasons Sunscreen is Important to Hikers

When I was 22, I noticed how a younger female friend had beautifully and evenly coloured cappuccino-like tone throughout her body. She told me she was a sun worshipper. Forget the sun I thought. I was most intrigued in how she cleverly achieved the ‘perfect tone’. I found out that she religiously lay under the sun using a sunscreen with sun protection 5 to achieve it. And she kept applying it throughout the day because she lay under the sun for hours turning every part of her body to achieve perfection. Little did I realise that in a few years, her skin had wrinkled and she was no longer exhibiting the radiant youthful looks a person in their late 30s should do.

It is not what you think!

Recently, I finished a 3km run in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The run attracted all kinds of runners you would see. From the amateur, casual, fun, competitive, to seasoned runners, all were enthusiastic and overzealous. Besides runners, walkers were equally energetic and passionate including the courageous participants with disabilities.

5 Reasons Why The New Suunto 9 Wins Our Hearts

If you are a multisport enthusiast, you definitely need it to keep track of your training, daily activity, and sleep. So are we, we are always out there training and racing. Therefore, a multisport watch with an excellent battery life and high-performer design are definitely what we need, especially for a long hike and long distance sports

There is an abundance of sports watches in the market, but here are 5 reasons why the new Suunto 9 wins our heart!

The Beauty of Buff Trail Run 2018

Road or Trail

It's unusual that road running events have skyrocketed in numbers in recent years, and yet there are comparatively less trail runs being organised locally. I suspect the majority of runners prefer the convenience of running on tarmac roads because they regard trail running as being too technical, too challenging and too risky for the same energy and resources spent.

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