Shoe Review: OOFOS Recovery Sandals

“I hope someone would massage my feet now.” Sounds familiar? Yes, it happens to every one of us. After a long hike, long distance run or walking all day shopping in the mall, our feet get sore and tired. But, not every one of us has the luxury of having someone to massage our feet when we need it.

Why Hike With Sandals?

Malaysia is rich in evergreen forests, jewel-blue streams, unique flora and fauna, and many interesting trails and fascinating undergrowths. Because of the variety of beautiful trails, hiking is also surging in popularity in Malaysia every year.

There are almost no seasonal changes in climate, however, the weather in Malaysia most of the time can also be fickle. The climate of Malaysia varies depending on which region you are in. Due to the unpredictable climates and various types of terrain conditions, hiking sandals come into play.

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Teva Terra Fi Lite

Teva Terra Fi Lite sandals achieved agile and flexible qualities by boasting a low-profile design, with three-point strap adjustment. Water-ready polyester webbing is extremely durable and dries easily after getting wet while the Spider Original rubber outsole handles wet surfaces seamlessly. Nylon shank stabilizes and supports your foot on uneven terrain with an easy hook-and-loop closure which comes on and off quickly to give a better and precise fit.

Teva Verra

Water and adventure-ready, the Teva Verra sandals offer great performance with its sleek, feminine and comfortable design. Verra contoured EVA footbed gives out arch support to keep your foot happy and healthy with Microban®, which helps prevent stink after it gets wet. A cushioned Shoc Pad™ in the heel absorbs impact where you needed it most. The extremely durable Spider Original rubber outsole which supplies great traction even in the wet and jagged terrain. Deemed fit for lightweight travel, these sandals will suit any kind of lifestyle. 

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