Why You Should Walk Jeju Olle At Least once?

It is called Samda-do, island of three plenties, because of its abundance of rocks, wind and women. It is called Sammu-do, island of three shortages, because there are no thieves, beggars or gates in front of houses. It was known as the Kingdom of Tamna, a kingdom which lasted for 464 years.

12 Attractions That You Shouldn't Miss On Your Hiking Trip In Jeju Island

With a new year comes a new you, it is a time to consider where and how you can push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try new things.

It is pretty enlightening to see how you can handle something you wouldn't normally do by yourself. Have you ever wanted to take adventure into your own hands? Have you ever wanted to explore new places, people, and cultures?

How Does It Feel To Climb Haba Snow Mountain?

The North Face unveiled Futurelight, a new, breathable, waterproof material set to revolutionise the future of technical fabrics, which is developed using innovative nano spinning technology and sustainably practices. In addition to unleashing my inner courage, I accepted the challenge to summit the Haba Snow Mountain, at the same time, to put Futurelight to the test, with the aim of finding out if Futurelight really is, as the brand puts it.

Indelible Soot – In Search of the Last Mambabatok

Audible torrential raindrops on Baban Homestay’s roof could be heard before we were fully awakened by not only our obnoxious phone alarms but also by the more pleasant smell of breakfast (plain fried leftover rice and boiled eggs).

Mount Kinabalu – Is It Tough to Climb?

The sun is shining. The air is crisp and clear. Lush green leaves stand out in sharp contrast against a sky of deep ultramarine. The world is full of opportunities. The scurrying sounds of small forest creatures as they scamper through the underbrush. Welcome to the magnificent Mount Kinabalu!

Places to Hike: The Rooftop of Indochina - Fansipan, Sapa

Tram Ton, Shin Chai or Cat Cat will take you to the rooftop of Indochina.

Good morning Sapa. It is 0330 hours at 2800m asl, it felt exceptionally cold for a monsoon climate country. “Good morning. I will prepare your breakfast and bring over shortly,” said Sing, our guide while collecting the coal-stained aluminium kettle from our room.

Why Hikers Should Explore Southeastern Turkey

Hikers are adventurous bunch of people. Some hike for the love of nature while others hike to see the world. Whatever the reason it may be, we often times look for the opportunity to hike in a foreign country to expand the horizon of our hiking experiences.

Places to Hike: Hong Kong Dragon’s Back Trail

Hong Kong is not only famously known for its vibrant, densely populated urban centre, delectable egg tarts, wontons, but also fantastic natural landscapes from the numerous islands to epic mountain hikes. Taking off the skyscraper-studded skyline, Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) brought us for a short hop from the bustle of Hong Kong East to an unforgettable hike to Dragon's Back Trail.

Hike the Elephant Mountain

We just have to agree with the ultimately convenient and great reputation for public transportation in Taiwan. From buses, bicycle shares, high speed rails to Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), getting around Taiwan is extremely accessible, safe, and reliable. With so many convincing ways to sightsee the city, it should not be any excuse not to explore one of the spectacular mountains in Taipei.

Living the Everest Dream a Step at a Time

Mt Everest - The famous mountain which many have conquered and where even more have lost their lives. Watching the movie Everest in 2016 reignited my curiosity about the mountain, which first began when I was a 7 year old, in awe of a neighbour of mine who made an attempt at the summit.

Going in a Spin @ Bukit Gasing

The game of gasing or spinning a top is a very traditional game popular in South-East Asia, and more so among the kampung folks of yesteryear. The game is mainly played by kids yet adults indulge in this favourite challenge to pit their skills against each other. The focus is to have one’s top spinning longest. In looking at the tops spinning at incredible speed, some have claimed to feel the dizzy spells associated with staring at it.

Japan Alps 5-Peak Traverse

Enroute to Sarukura (1250m asl), gateway of the Northern Alps, we sojourned at a cozy lodge, Sherpa after a long days’ drive. Sherpa is perched on a hilltop at Otari, the heart of Nagano. After an evening of satisfying natural hot spring (Onsen) soak and the most delectable traditional Japanese dinner, we packed, slept and was ready for an experience of a lifetime.

The Great Barrier Leaf of Taman Botani Negara

Recently, we covered a hike to Taman Botani Negara (TBN) that left us gasping for breath. That heaving hike was interesting ‘up to a point’. And I promised to share with you about another attempt up TBN, this time by Bukit Bayu.

Hike the Volcanic Mount Bromo

The overall beauty of the mountain is, in short, out of the ordinary. Having escaped from the bustling city and endless workloads to hike this majestic volcanic mountain, although not a permanent getaway, I still felt like the luckiest human being ever.

Almost to the Top, But… (Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam)

A writer happily begins with a starting point and weaves his storyline from the very top. But hikes or treks begin at the base. It would have been best if our party of hikers started at the top. And we would have to do that by rappelling from a helicopter to gain entry into this dense forest.

More Than Missing Pineapples

A tourist could be forgiven in thinking that Pineapple Hill or Bukit Nanas still bears this fruit that is known predominantly for its rich nutrients of manganese and Vitamin C. Historical records state that the pineapple (or ‘nanas’ in Bahasa Malaysia) were grown around the hill in the 1870s. At that time, a Rajah Asal lived on the hill, and the fruit was grown to defend his home against invaders during the Klang War. If I was an invader, I probably spend time harvesting the fruits and selling them at some local market. Nevertheless, there was not a trace of ‘nanas’ on the hill. But that is not the only thing that is missing! I will explain this as you read along.

This isn’t a hike. It’s punishment!

If anyone told you that Ayer Hitam Forest or more commonly known as Puchong Hill is an easy climb, think again. This interesting hill is nestled away from the not too distant LDP in the Taman Wawasan residential zone. Puchong Hill is in the township of Puchong, and easy to get to. The ample parking spaces (including some drivers that park illegally, yet not obstructing other road users) and nearby amenities will surface other surprises.

Puteri Santubong

Mount Santubong, standing at 810m (2658ft) above sea level is not an exceptionally high mountain, but legend has it that it is not as easily conquered as one assumed it would be.  Officially owned by the Sarawak Forestry, the Santubong National Park is about 45 minutes’ drive from Kuching town. You will reach the entrance some way before the famous and tranquil Damai Resort.

Brave The Graveyard Pass

Standing at 5416m or 17,769ft above sea level, it is called the graveyard pass based on a tragedy on October 2014. Thorung La Pass is the highlight of the Annapurna Circuit trek, which has been opened for trekking for nearly 40 years.

Discover The Little Known Long Banga

When we first heard of the name "Long Banga", our mind prompted with lots of question marks. We were then being told that we are invited to the mysteriously exquisite land of Long Banga by Friends of Borneo, our hearts were pumping fast with excitement and anticipation.

The Mossy Forest of Gunung Irau

Gunung Irau, one of the famous jungle walking trail in Brinchang town, Cameron Highlands, is the highest peak of the Brinchang town. At the height of 2,110 metres, the Mossy Forest is the main attraction that sees hikers from other places frequented Gunung Irau.

Escape to the Land of a Hundred Handshakes

It has always been a dream of anyone to take a break from the urban sprawl and visit the relaxed countryside. A place where the air is cleaner, the views are extraordinary and the life is simple. Here in Malaysia, there are tons of places that will give you that kind of desire and one of those is Bario Highlands.

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