Why You Should Walk Jeju Olle At Least once?

It is called Samda-do, island of three plenties, because of its abundance of rocks, wind and women. It is called Sammu-do, island of three shortages, because there are no thieves, beggars or gates in front of houses. It was known as the Kingdom of Tamna, a kingdom which lasted for 464 years.

It is UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and UNESCO Global Geopark, and it is one of New 7 Wonders of Nature. It is Jeju Island.

What more? Jeju is the home of Jeju Olle, a series of hiking routes on Jeju Island.

12 Attractions That You Shouldn't Miss On Your Hiking Trip In Jeju Island

With a new year comes a new you, it is a time to consider where and how you can push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try new things.

It is pretty enlightening to see how you can handle something you wouldn't normally do by yourself. Have you ever wanted to take adventure into your own hands? Have you ever wanted to explore new places, people, and cultures?

If staying active and travelling your new year's resolutions, Jeju Island is a great place to jump start your list and get you ready to hit the road.

How does it feel to hike the Lycian Way?

In year 2018, we traveled to Turkey for the first time to see with our own eyes the beauty of this Mediterranean country. We brought home with us sweet memories of the natural beauty, unique history and archaeological sites of Southeastern Turkey.

A year later, in October 2019, we flew to the transcontinental country again. This time, we hiked the Lycian Way on south Turkey. The Lycian Way is a 540km marked footpath around the coast of ancient Lycia. The trail starts from Ölüdeniz near Fethiye to Geyikbayırı about 20km from Antalya.

How Does It Feel To Climb Haba Snow Mountain?

The North Face unveiled Futurelight, a new, breathable, waterproof material set to revolutionise the future of technical fabrics, which is developed using innovative nano spinning technology and sustainably practices. In addition to unleashing my inner courage, I accepted the challenge to summit the Haba Snow Mountain, at the same time, to put Futurelight to the test, with the aim of finding out if Futurelight really is, as the brand puts it.

Indelible Soot – In Search of the Last Mambabatok

Audible torrential raindrops on Baban Homestay’s roof could be heard before we were fully awakened by not only our obnoxious phone alarms but also by the more pleasant smell of breakfast (plain fried leftover rice and boiled eggs). We haven’t slept much for the past 24 hours and here we are at 2am in the morning ready to hike Mt Pulag, the highest summit in Luzon. Barely touching our breakfast (we had dinner a mere 4 hours ago), we stepped out of the pine wood homestay to witness a magnificent milky way on the horizon. The rain has finally stopped and adorned with our headlamps, we proceeded to the wilderness.

Why Hikers Should Explore Southeastern Turkey

Hikers are adventurous bunch of people. Some hike for the love of nature while others hike to see the world. Whatever the reason it may be, we often times look for the opportunity to hike in a foreign country to expand the horizon of our hiking experiences.

When we received the invitation from Turkish Airlines and Turkey Tourism, we were so excited that we are going to explore a foreign land 11 hours flight time away from home. We were not sure what we would be getting ourselves into when we landed in Turkey. But one thing for sure is that, every step that we take outside of our home is a new learning experience.

Sit back and relax as we are about to begin our journey to the Southeastern side of Turkey.

Places to Hike: Hong Kong Dragon’s Back Trail

Hong Kong is not only famously known for its vibrant, densely populated urban centre, delectable egg tarts, wontons, but also fantastic natural landscapes from the numerous islands to epic mountain hikes. Taking off the skyscraper-studded skyline, Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) brought us for a short hop from the bustle of Hong Kong East to an unforgettable hike to Dragon's Back Trail.

Hike the Elephant Mountain

We just have to agree with the ultimately convenient and great reputation for public transportation in Taiwan. From buses, bicycle shares, high speed rails to Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), getting around Taiwan is extremely accessible, safe, and reliable. With so many convincing ways to sightsee the city, it should not be any excuse not to explore one of the spectacular mountains in Taipei.

Literally known as the Elephant Mountain, Xiangshan derives its name from its external shape (xiang means elephant in Chinese). This wonderful hiking trail allows you to admire the greenery, nature, and wild creatures. But what gives Xiangshan a unique sense of adventure is its breathtaking views overlooking Taipei city?

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